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Supplements: Vitamin & Mineral

Avian Trio - concentrated source of high quality nutrients that birds need for a natural diet. For health, color presentation, energy and immune boosting, Avian Trio is the best nutritional supplement to be found.
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Bee Pollen - excellent whole food supplement helping to prevent illness and increase wellness in birds. 25% Protein 50% carbohydrates 14% polyunsaturated fatty acids.
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SALE! Calcium Plus - no longer experience egg binding, soft shelled eggs, thin shells or dead-in-shells. Potent liquid calcium source.
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DufoPlus - Sugar-free multi-vitamin, energy supplement for growing chicks, feeding parents and convalescing patients. Mix with soft food or seed.
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E-Powder - Cultured yeast to accelerate growth in the chicks, energize feeding parents and to protect young birds from stress.
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F-Vite - Sterile, concentrated Calcium, vitamin and mineral source used to replace grit, cuttlebone and salt blocks.
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Hearty Bird - is manufactured from the finest human grade vitamin & minerals available.
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Ioford - Rich in iodine for breeding condition and a quick molt, vitamin D for breeding hens and iron for conditioning and show performance
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NV Powder - Sugar based vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplement designed to rejuvenate energy depleted and dehydrated birds.
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TurboBooster - Protein, energy, vitamin and garlic oil for breeding, moulting and racing birds.
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Vitamin E Liquid-to keep birds healthy and increase breeding results.
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Vitamin E Powder-High concentrated Vitamin E supplement to produce a better fertility.
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Bottle with Measurments Plastic Spray Bottle with Measurments- Lady G's 16oz spray bottle has both US and Metric measures, as well as dilution measurements. Comes with both a sprayer and a cap making it ideal for mixing, applying and storage. This bottle comes labeled with a handy conversion chart and space to fill in contents, date, dosing instructions. Perfect for medications, bug sprays and all other concentrates.
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Wide Mouth Spray Bottle- Our 32 oz sprayers feature a black graduated scale for quick dilution and mixing and a wide mouth for easy filling. Fill without spills, larger opening than a gallon jug. Fully adjustable spray pattern.
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Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set- - 4 piece stainless steel with both American and Metric measures on the handle. Take the confusion out of converting to metric measure.

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Measuring Pitcher - has both US and Metric measures. Extra strong construction, they are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. Polypropylene, black de-bossed oz & ml, excellent pouring control from a fine trickle to a fast pour.
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Measuring Kit - All the measurements you need are right at your fingertips. Easily Convert American to Metric. Kit includes: Plastic Spray Bottle 16oz, Measuring Spoon Set of 4, Syringe Test Pak of 9, Measuring Pitcher 16oz with measurments and Deluxe Bottle Brush.
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Medicine Drinker - Green tube protects meds from UV light. Fits 1/2" wire spacing. Perfect for hospital, show and travel cages. Tube has inside lip to set consistent water height. 1 3/4" tall. 1oz
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