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Diet: Insectivore Food

Insecta-Pro - Insectivorous and Omnivorous soft food for birds by Vetafarm. Takes the mess and guesswork out of keeping and breeding insect eating birds.
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River Shrimp - Tiny dehydrated shrimp that softbills, insectivorous finches and waxbills love to eat. Re-sealable pouch. No refrigeration required.
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Mealworms dried have more protein than live. FDA approved and certified. High in protein, fat and potassium. Refrigeration not required.
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Nature's Medley - is Nature's 100% all-natural nutritious treat for birds, reptiles, fish and poultry. Easier to feed and less messy than live food, these energy packed morsels are Mother Nature's perfect treat for all your insect loving birds.
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Universal Extra - soft food for insectivorous birds. Renowned for its digestibility, light texture and Juniper flavor.
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