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Cage Accessories: Perches & Swings

Wooden Bird Mirror - With Perch - Hours of Fun for your Bird! No dyes or finish on this natural wood frame mirror. Measures 4" H x 4" W. Hangs securely with two small hooks.
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Multi-Perch - Offers the maximum perching space in the least amount of cage space! Birds love the swinging movement that support leg and feet exercise. 11" Tall. Perches 2" x 5/16" diameter
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New! Privacy Perch - guarantees the birds will not get plucked or picked on while they try to sleep. Back Plate 4 ¾" x 6 ¾" Perch 2 ½"
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Thermo-Perch - Maintains the optimal bird body temperature varying between 102-107F along its length, allowing the bird to pick the spot that will provide the warmth it needs when it needs it! This consistent source of warmth stabilizes the bird's environment and contributes to the bird's overall health and helps reduce avian stress.
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