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"Bird fanciers are experiencing many more health problems than in the past. In my opinion, poor breeding selection and the incorrect use of drugs are the reasons. More emphasis must be placed on boosting the natural resistance of the flock by providing not only perfect nutrition and hygiene during the breeding season, but also by selecting the most strong and vital individuals for breeding. I have developed these products to stimulate health and to promote a strong natural resistance in the flock."
Dr. Rob Marshall
B.V.Sc.,M.A.C.V.Sc . (Bird Health)

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Dr. Marshall's Health Products
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Megamix (100ml)
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Dear Friends,


Within 3 weeks of using the products you will notice an increased activity within your aviary!

I used the canary and mutation Gouldian finch to test the effectiveness of my "Super-Health" product range, because both of these birds are highly susceptible to disease. The canary and finch birds are special in the bird kingdom because their bowel is totally free of all bacteria in the health state. This means that when their diet is not perfect and their cage or aviary is not perfectly dry and clean, then they become ill.

The "Super-Health" products promote good health and vitality throughout the entire year, especially during breeding, molting and with the juveniles.

There are more health problems during the breeding season than at any other time and ultimately your success at breeding depends largely upon the health of your flock. The most common causes of health problems in the breeding room or aviary are poor nutrition, poor food hygiene and unclean aviary conditions.

The "Super-Health" products ensure that every nutritional and hygiene requirement in your breeding aviary is met. The water (DufoPlus & IofordNF and feed (TurboBooster, ePowder and FVite) supplements provide the correct balance of nutrition needed to produce robust babies and to promote health in the feeding adults, whereas the cleanser KD keeps the germ counts in the birds and aviary as low as possible.

Dr Rob Marshall

Water SupplementsFood SupplementsCleanser


100ml, 250ml, 1liter
Dose: 2 ml per liter ½ teaspoon*

Dufoplus is a potent Multivitamin.

Dufoplus is a potent water soluble vitamin (A, D, E and B Complex) free of any sugar or glucose used to relieve stress and to promote natural health in breeding, young and competition birds.

The stress relieving B vitamins are best administered in the water but most B vitamins on the market are sugar based. The disadvan- tage of sugar-based water vitamins is that they predispose the birds to bowel and crop infections, when the sugar in the water ferments.


100ml, 250ml, and 1 liter
Mix 3mls to 1 Liter of Water

Prevents bacteria, e,coli, mold and fungal germs from multiplying in the drinking water, crop and gut.

Megamix lowers the pH of the water into a range where harmful organisms do not like to exist. The main benefit, however, is that it cleanses everything the bird ingests into the crop, thus decreasing direct contamination through the food and water preventing fermentation of foods fed to chicks until it can be absorbed by the digestive tract.

Ioford NF

100ml, 250ml, 1 liter
Dose: 5ml per liter 1 teaspoon*

Ioford NF contains trace elements and stimulates the immune system.

If you want your aviary to sing with health, the feathers to shine with vitality, the hens to thrive when laying and the young to grow robustly then balance the iodine, iron, calcium and Vitamin D intake.

The Ioford NF is a health and molt stimulant which contains iodine, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin D. I found in healthy flocks that Ioford NF stimulated activity and noise within the aviary and improved breeding as a result of the improved nutritional balance. Ioford NF helps to prevent egg binding, soft shelled eggs, egg laying paralysis and pipping deaths.


250ml, 500ml and 1 liter
Dose: 1mls per 100g, soaked seed or dry seed mix 1/8 teaspoon*.

TurboBooster is a yeast-based, vitamin and energy oil used for breeding and molting.

The feathers of the bird must last a full year. Without essential oils and fatty acids they won't.

TurboBooster is a high energy, essential and garlic oil blend and vitamin supplement. It promotes rapid growth in the nest and silky, bright colored feathers. The garlic oil is a natural disinfectant and promotes vitality in the breeding season.

Introduce to the aviary birds well before breeding.


4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz
Mix in Seed or in small dish

FVite is a vitamin, mineral energy grit used all year round.

Grit is a poor source of minerals for your breeding birds. FVite is a combination grit energy, vitamin and mineral supplement, which is especially beneficial for breeding and molting birds. Babies fed by parents, which are given FVite, grow quickly, are robust and pink.

It is palatable and the birds actually look for it when feeding young. FVite completely replaces the need for grit.

KD Powder

100g and 200g
Dose: 1 tsp per 4 liters ¼ teaspoon per liter*

KD Powder is a water, aviary and bowel cleanser. Safe during breeding & competition.

KD primary use in the well managed aviary is to ensure that the germ count in the aviary and water is as low as possible during breeding and young bird development. Use for one or two days a week or at the first signs of early illness (birds fluff up or the droppings “go off”.) Look for increased activity in the aviary the day after KD is used. When used as a water cleanser it self-cleans the water containers, leaving them sparkling clean without scrubbing.

KD Powder is also used as an aviary cleanser (dose 1 tsp (5g) per liter.) Mist spray the aviary avoiding the birds and allow the air to dry.

E Powder

200g, 400g and 1kg
Mix in Seed or Softfood

E Powder cultured yeast. Excellent source of Thiamin and B vitamins

Provides a constant supply of energy that promotes good health and protects the birds from stress. Accelerates growth in chicks and energizes feeding parents so that they can feed to their offsprings' full potential.


Dr. Marshall's Health Programs
There is no more important time for the health of the Aviary than the breeding and molting seasons and the Super-Health range provides your birds with the very best opportunity for continuing good health.

RESTING Health Program- Birds in Flight
This is a good all year health program for ornamental aviary birds which are not breeding. Exercise is important to maintain fitness and avoid obesity.

Day of Week Fresh Water Soft Foods or Seed
Monday Fresh Water Fresh Seed
Tuesday Fresh Water Fresh Seed
WednesdayFresh Water Fresh Seed
Thursday Fresh Water Fresh Seed
Friday KD TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Saturday Dufoplus/Ioford TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Sunday Dufoplus/Ioford TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite


Breeding Health Program
This health program provides your breeding birds with the extra levels of energy, vitamins and minerals required to produce robust and healthy youngsters.

Day of Week Fresh Water Soft Foods or Seed
Monday Fresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Tuesday Fresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
WednesdayFresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Thursday Fresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Friday KD TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Saturday Dufoplus/Ioford TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Sunday Ioford/Megamix TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite


Molting, Juvenile and Fledglings Health Program
This health program is used for fledglings, molting juveniles and the birds preparing for the show season. This program is also used for new birds or birds which are recovering from illness or stress.

Day of Week Fresh Water Soft Foods or Seed
Monday Ioford/Megamix TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Tuesday Fresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
WednesdayFresh Water TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Thursday KD TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Friday KD TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Saturday Dufoplus/Ioford TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite
Sunday Ioford/Megamix TurboBooster, E Powder, FVite

*Dose rates listed are for Gouldian & most other finches. Rates sometimes vary by species.

"...Because I am an engineer, I thought it might be interesting to test avian supplements using a technique known as a GC/MS - Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer. This device can be used to isolate any and all known compounds in a substance. One of the more common uses of Gas Spectroscopy is to help patients in the emergency room, that appear to be suffering a chemical toxicity. Although I will not state which brands were evaluated, the only one that truly contained the listed ingredients in the quantities specified were the ones developed by Dr. Marshall.

Dr Marshall's Ioford and Dufoplus products contained exactly what was indicated – in the proper proportions. From an engineer's standpoint, a GC/MS -Spectrometer/Chromatograph is THE defining method by which supplements need to be evaluated. I was surprised that the other products failed the test and relieved to learn that at least one, Dr. Marshal, truly was putting his money where his mouth was. I have the proof to support it!

The changes in overall health and feather in my Gouldians were nothing short of remarkable. I would urge anyone who may have had less than positive experience with avian supplements to try again - this time with a quality product. I am so pleased to learn that there is one more person in the world (Dr Marshall) who values his integrity and has furthered the study of proper nutrition in caged birds."

Read Mark's experience with avian supplements.

Mark Heron- Florida

“…Really amazed at the improvement in the birds. This is an excellent program and works far, far better than any other I’ve tried. The instruction booklet is very good. Thanks so much!” Dale Bahr- Montana

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