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Designed to easily remove any size all-aluminum leg band, up to Cockatiel size. This precision leg band cutter is made of high-quality steel and maintains its cutting edge for many years.
  1. 4" in length and made of high-quality steel know for its strength and durability
  2. Cuts through any size aluminum band up to a Cockatiel size
  3. Simple and effective design easily removes leg bands
  4. Can be used on swollen legs, even if the leg band is imbedded in tissue
  5. Will maintain its cutting edge and last for many years
  6. Easily cleaned and disinfected after each use

Cutting guidelines for
all-aluminum bands

All-aluminum bands can be easily cut without exerting any torque on the bird's leg. Cut the band on one side, making sure that the band has been cut completely through. Make a second cut 180 degrees from the first and the band will fall off.

Leg Band Cutter - Leg Band Cutter- cuts through any size aluminum band up to a Cockatiel size. 4" High-Quality Steel will maintain its cutting edge and last for many years.
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