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This book will take you step by step
through the entire process. Covering topics
on making your own brooder to
the various methods of feeding the chicks!


Lafeber's Nutri-Start is nutritionally balanced and highly digestible because it is made from rice flour. This hand feeding formula works best with the FREE 1cc Crop Tube Syringe because it isn't gritty, therefore it doesn't clog the tube afteronly one use.

Breeders report: faster growth rates, better feathering, decreased incidence of slow crop and easier weaning with little or no weight loss.

Syringe Cleaning Instructions: Clean in cold water only, or rinse with a mild alcohol solution. Hot water may cause the rubber plunger to expand and will shorten the life of the tool.

Hand Feeding & Raising Finches,
Nutri-Start baby bird formula, & FREE Syringe

Hand Rearing Kit - includes: FREE Syringe, Nutri-Start baby formula (11oz.), Hand Feeding & Raising Finches book
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Information about a
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