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"...on Friday I sprinkled the F-Vite and E Powder on the parentís sprouts, seed and also mixed it into the Feast. Friday night the chicks had some food in their crops and "bubble boy" made another appearance. Saturday, the chicks looked better and by Sunday afternoon, to my great relief and shear joy, the chicks had very full crops and no sign of "bubble boy". The parents seem to have more energy, too. Could those two supplements have made that much of a difference in just 2 days? I can only assume, YES!"
Cathy Yocuis- NJ

Replaces grit, cuttlebone, oyster shell, egg shells and salt blocks!
For Pet Birds For Pigeons

F-Vite is a combination grit, protein, energy, vitamin and mineral supplement, which is especially beneficial for breeding and young molting birds, but is used all year round. Parents actually look for it when feeding young, because it is rich in the trace elements so vital for growing babies. Babies fed by parents, which are given F-Vite grow quickly, are robust and pink. There is no need for any other kind of grit, cuttlebone or mineral powders during the breeding season.

Wet Droppings and Enteritis in Birds
Contaminated grit is a common cause of wet droppings and enteritis in birds. Most fanciers believe that the grit and cuttlebone they use provides their flock with all the minerals required for good health. However, this is not so. The regular grits are deficient in iodine, iron and most trace elements. The main function of grit is to provide the bird with a source of digestive stones and some mineral salts. The levels of mineral salts in the grit are too low to be of any value. These same salts attract moisture from the air and can cause the grit to become moist. Some fanciers even wash the grit before feeding. Any moisture in the grit promotes harmful bacteria growth and contamination. E.coli and related bacteria are commonly found in wet grits because of the dead and decaying molecules, which inhabit the grit shells. Some of the bacteria produced by these decaying marine animals are toxic.

Healthy Small Droppings
F-Vite acts as a bowel astringent and "cleanses" the bowel of harmful toxins, thereby producing a small and hard dropping.

Grit does not provide all the minerals necessary for good health. This is why budgerigars enjoy picking at the soil on a clump of grass. The soil provides added minerals especially iron, magnesium, and other field elements, for which birds crave. Soil, however, is a potential source of bacterial and fungal infections and is best avoided.

Sterility Ensured
There is no wastage with F-Vite as the birds consume every last portion. It contains 10% shell grit, enough for the birds to digest its food properly. The shell grit portion of F-Vite is baked at high temperatures to ensure sterility without damaging the potency of the minerals or grit. The bentonite is a bowel detoxifier and astringent, which guarantee tight black and white droppings. The end result is a concentrated mineral supplement that enhances health and vitality. The energy rich desiccated molasses and the scientifically balanced and concentrated vitamin, mineral, trace element and mineral salt mixture make this a perfect product for feeding parents.

F-Vite for Breeding Birds
F-Vite is ideal for the laying hen and feeding parents. Breeding birds have extraordinarily high demands for minerals, salts and trace elements and require supplementation on a daily basis. The hens require the minerals for egg laying and the feeding adults require extra mineral salts and energy. F-Vite helps the hens produce the best quality eggs, prevents infertility as well as hatching deaths, soft shells, fatigued parents leading to neglected chicks. Feeding parents attack F-Vite with relish because it provides all of the "field elements" and more. The babies "bred on F-Vite" relish the taste!

Introducing F-Vite
I found that it takes a few months for some birds to accept the taste of the F-Vite when provided "free choice." Therefore, I recommend sprinkling it over their seed mix daily or adding small amounts of it to crushed, sterilized egg shells for a few months before providing it "free choice" in a separate treat cup. After that brief period of time, I have found my birds jumping on the newly filled feeding dish when the F-Vite is replenished, especially during breeding season.

It is necessary to remove all other grit and mineral powders from the flock being introduced to F-Vite for the first time. This allows the birds to accept the new taste as quickly as possible. Replace when empty or when it turns brown. The mineral salts attract moisture for the air on wet and humid days, turning it brown. All grits absorb this moisture but it is not clearly visible in them.

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Order F-Vite for: Budgerigars, Canaries, Finches, Parrots & other Aviary Birds
F-Vite - Sterile, concentrated Calcium, vitamin and mineral source used to replace grit, cuttlebone and salt blocks.
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