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DufoPlus is a sugar-free multi-vitamin for birds.
For Pet Birds For Pigeons

DufoPlus is a potent water-soluble vitamin (A, D, E, and B Complex) free of any sugar or glucose and preserved in nitrogen. It is used to bring out the true color of the birds, to improve breeding performance and to relieve stress. It is commonly used in combination with Ioford NF.

Sugar Free
DufoPlus can be given for two consecutive days. This is possible without affecting its potency. However, the water container is a perfect place for germs to breed and multiply and must be kept scrupulously clean at all times. Germ counts increase further when glucose is added to the water and for this reason vitamin preparations must be glucose or sugar free. DufoPlus is one of the very few water vitamins that can be left safely in the water for two or three days.

Intensifies Colors
DufoPlus intensifies the yellow color range of the feathers within three weeks of use. The yellow color of most birds is genetically determined, but the genetic potential is only realized when a pure source of vitamin is given. Within three weeks DufoPlus reveals the true genetic intensity of all yellow based colors in both the nestlings and adult birds.

DufoPlus and Ioford cocktail
DufoPlus and Ioford are compatible in water. They are a proven cocktail for young and breeding birds. This popular cocktail is given at the first sign of lethargy in the aviary. It is remarkable how often this cocktail brings the birds back on top of the world.

Improve fertility
Breeding birds need more vitamins and DufoPlus contains those vitamins needed for breeding success. The glowing health and strength of the youngster is obvious when the vitamin, mineral and energy needs of breeding birds are catered for properly. DufoPlus plays an important role in the production of healthy, robust babies.

Stress Reliever
The B vitamins in DufoPlus are used as the first line of attack against stress when the young birds enter the aviary, during the first juvenile molt and for the entire breeding season. There is a noticeable change in the noise in the aviary the day after DufoPlus is given and the strength and vitality of the young birds is a joy to see.

Molt and Juveniles
The young birds are under considerable stress and the need for a balanced vitamin supplement is obvious. DufoPlus has high levels of the stress B vitamins, including Thiamine and plenty of vitamin D for the molt.

Dose Instructions:
Finches and Canaries: ½ teaspoon per liter of drinking water
Budgerigars and parrots: 1 teaspoon per liter of drinking water
Pet Birds: 5 drops in 100ml of drinking water

Available in: 100ml, 250ml, Liter

Order DufoPlus for: Budgies, Canaries, Finches & Aviary Birds

DufoPlus - Sugar-free multi-vitamin, energy supplement for growing chicks, feeding parents and convalescing patients. Mix with soft food or seed.
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