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"...I just wanted to tell you that I have never been able to save a baby finch until I got your syringe. I have lost everyone that I have tried to hand feed before I discovered your syringe. It is designed so perfectly and it truly works wonders. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Suzanne Hosang- Flordia

Have you tried hand feeding
baby finches and failed?

This 1CC Syringe with the custom designed crop tube attachment makes crop feeding baby finches possible. The flexible tube is rounded for smooth entry down the throat and into the baby birdís crop. The syringe can also be used for crop dosing of medications for adult finches and canaries.

The soft flexible tube is
Latex Free
and removable
for easy cleaning!

Special Offer! FREE Syringe

Finch Syringe with Crop Tube    $2.95 ea

Syringe Cleaning Instructions: Clean in cold water only, or rinse with a mild alcohol solution. Hot water may cause the rubber plunger to expand and will shorten the life of the tool.

Never experience
the pain of
losing tossed
or abandonded chick again!

Syringe - for hand feeding baby finches. This 1cc syringe with a custom designed crop tube attachment makes crop feeding baby finches possible. Tube is Latex FREE and removable for easy cleaning!
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