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Raise healthy and
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Prevention, rather than cure, is the philosophy, foundation and central theme to this thorough and easy-to-read reference book. Written by Dr. Rob Marshall, BVSc MACVSc (Avian Health) it is for beginners and pros alike!

Every page has stunning quality color photographs with clear captions to illustrate and further exemplify canary health information presented in the text. It is well written with scientific based knowledge presented in an attention–grabbing format.

Attractive formatting features and summary tables are designed to aid the busy aviculturalist in quickly locating specific advice on the treatment and symptoms of a particular bird disease. Not only diseases and appropriate medicines are discussed also seasonal preventative measures are listed and clarified.

The troubleshooting chapter is particularly useful, comprehensive, a valuable to any aviculturalist. Topics are listed alphabetically with relevant issues covered and linked appropriately to extended discussion in the body of the book. Topics discussed include first aid, going light, breathing difficulties, breeding problems and even dropping changes.

Canary HEALTH - The extensive information presented in this book is an essential reference for those who want to provide the best available care to their canaries. The "self help" philosophy allows readers to learn about the practical requirements of canary health and happiness. Canary Health also discusses in detail the various diseases of canaries and explains their treatment. It allows canary owners to understand why diseases occur and most importantly, how they should be prevented.
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"I have been using the services of Dr Rob Marshall of Carlingford Animal Hospital for the past 20 years during which time I have established a successful Border Fancy Canary stud. On every occasion he has professionally solved a number of problems in my stock. Having a healthy and fertile stock has enabled me to bred winners of many major awards”
Bob Moore - President-Border Fancy Canary Club of Australia Inc.

"Dr Rob Marshall is a highly respected avian veterinarian from Australia who has helped the canary fancy develop new techniques for improving fertility and breeding success. Over the past 20 years he has been closely involved with the canary fraternity and always takes time to explain and help us understand the problems that we experience. I particularly endorse the use of KD Powder. The information written in this book will be of great assistance to canary breeders throughout the world."
Michael Fogarty- Secretary of Yorkshire Canary Club of Australia

"Today I came home to find that two baby gouldians have just emerged from their nest, and they are absolutely gorgeous. This is the first clutch that my birds have hatched since they have been on Dr. Marshall's regime, and there is a very noticable difference between these babies and the earlier clutch before Dr. Marshall's products. These babies have lush thick feathers and they are bigger and plumper than the last babies. They are flying with ease, and are even picking at the millet by themselves, on their first day out of the nest! I was amazed to see the babies nibbling away at the millet, right next to their parents! Do they usually do that so soon? They are having no problems at all flying around the cage, and in fact while I was banding them, one got loose in my apartment and flew around for a good little while!. I didn't expect that, since the last babies had kind of stumbled around for several days before flying. Now if they learn to talk, we'll know Dr Marshall's products really make a difference! Thank you so much for all your advice, and for turning me on to Dr Marshall's products. I am looking forward to watching them color out."
M. Troise, Paris

"What an incredible gift to have Dr. Marshall's "Canary Health" book! Thank you so very, very much for such kindness and such a wealth of great information. I want to read every topic immediately! I think it will help so much with understanding my canary and helping him get well. He's been sick for so long and is such a great bird. You are so generous and kind to help me out with such a valuable gift. Thank you very much!"

Canary Health Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Canary Health & Happiness
Essentials for Happiness
Clean Food
Clean Water
Good Nutrition
Sunlight, Warmth & Dryness
Regular Baths
Avoid Overcrowding

Chapter 2 Canaries as Pets
Choosing your pet canary
Selecting a healthy canary
Preparing a home for your pet canary
The first days at home
Vet Check
Health Signs
Ongoing Care and Health Program
Exercise and Training
Song Training
Singing Programme for Pet Canaries
The Moult Programme for Pet Canaries

Chapter 3 Breeding Behavior
Breeding Behavior
Breeding Season
Breeding Requirements
Good Health
Breeding (photoperiod) Stimulation
Temperature and Humidity
Breeding Condition

Chapter 4 Breeding Systems
Natural vs Controlled Breeding
Natural Systems for Breeding Canaries
Controlled Systems for Breeding Canaries
Bull System – Mr. Stan Nichols
Breeding Cages

Chapter 5 Breeding Details
Starting Point of Breeding
Selection of Breeding Pairs
Disease Resistant Birds
Preparations for Breeding – Mr. Stan Nichols
Pairing Process
Method of Pairing – Mr. Stan Nichols
Egg Care and Synchronized Hatching
Running Eggs

Chapter 6 Seasonal Health Programs for Canaries
Spring Programs
Summer Programs
Autumn Programs
Winter Programs
The General Health Program
Seasonal Health Programs
Spring Breeding Program
Essentials for a Successful Breeding Season
Nutrition for Breeding
Energy Requirements
Sources of Energy
Soaked Seed Technique
Young Bird Program
Essentials for Keeping Young Birds Healthy
Introduction to Young Bird Program
Summer Mount Program
Essentials for a Good, Fast Molt
Molt Program Information
Molt and Disease
Moult and Ornithosis-Cleansing Treatment
Ornithosis Treatment
Autumn Show Program
Three Winter Programs
Winter Mid-Season Fitness Program
Winter Pre-Breeding Program
Maurice Hunt’s Winter Pre-Breeding Feeding System

Chapter 7 First Aid and Choosing a Medicine
First Aid & Medicines
Critical Times for Canaries
Emergency First Aid
Selecting an Appropriate First Aid Medicine
Medicine Inventory

Chapter 8 Canary Diseases, Medicines & Problem Solving
Aspergillosis and Moulding Disease
Symptoms of Molding Disease
Black Spot
Breeding Problems
Self Diagnosis of the Diseases Causing Addled Eggs & Dead in Shell
Canary Pox
Giardia Infection and Turbosole
Ornithosis ::& Doxycycline - Megamix
Mycoplasma infections
Diarrhea Sulfa-AVS & E.coli Infections
Going Light & Megabacteria
Going Light & Moulding Disease
Moulding Disease & Pep Food Cleaner
Mites, Lice, Red Mite & Airsac Mite Treatment
S76 for Mites, Lice & Worms
Streptococcal Infections
Treatment of Streptococcal Infections
Salmonella-Type Infections & Baytril
Yersinia Infection
Thrush Infections (Candidiasis)

Chapter 9 Troubleshooting
Symptoms & Diagnostic Troubleshooting
Chapter 10 Health Products
Vitamin Supplements
NV powder
Ioford NF
KD Powder
Pep Food Cleanser

Sterile Bowel Theory

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