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We often get inquiries asking which Airsac mite treatment to choose. We hope the following will help you decide.

For additional information, please read No. 1 Killer of Gouldian Finches

  The life cycle of the airsac mite is 14 - 21 days. Moxidectin remains active in the birds blood stream for up to three weeks. In most cases this allows one application to kill the airsac mites. During the 21 days moxidectin will kill the adult mites and any eggs that might hatch.

Ivermectin when diluted in water only remains active for 7 to 8 hours. Therefore Ivermectin needs to be administered in the drinking water two days per week for three weeks (21 days) in order to kill the life cycle of the airsac mites.

Stress on you and your birds
  In the drinking water treatments for flocks involve less stress for both the birds and the breeder because it is an in water treatment which does not require the birds to be captured and handled.

Moxidectin and Ivermectin are both available in water soluble forms to deliver in the drinking water.

Stress on delicate internal organs
  Topical treatments are typically less stressful on the birds as it goes thru the blood stream and not the digestive system.

Moxidectin and Ivermectin are both available in topical forms.

Treats multiple parasites

Moxidectin and Ivermectin both will eradicate airsac mites, red mites and worms.

Safety Concerns

SCATT the topical Moxidectin is not recommended for use on birds younger that 6 months of age.

Scaly Face Mite
Both products are effective for treatment of the Scaly Mite.

Secondary Infections
Birds infected with the airsac mite should be placed in a hospital cage. Following the airsac treatment birds should be given Amoxycillin (antibiotic) for two days to help with secondary lung infections.

Dormant Mites
Mites do live dormant in the airways in certain birds. These immature forms become active when the bird is ill, stressed or during hot weather. Suddenly the problem appears and then spreads throughout the flock again.

Death may occur
Unfortunately either treatment is not always as rewarding as we would like for it to be. Some heavily airsac mite infested birds can die two to seven days after treatment due to asphyxiation, resulting from the accumulation of dead mites obstructing the air ways.

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