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DO NOT feed any plant that has been exposed to insecticides, poisons or animals.

Harmful and Poisonous Plants
Avocado Mistletoe
Azalea Morning Glory
Bird of Paradise Narcissus
Tobacco Oak
Call Lily Oleander
Daffodil Philodendron
Deiffenbachia Poison Ivy and Oak
Eggplant Poinsettia
Elephant's Ear Potato
Hemlock Rhododendron
Holly Rhubarb
Hyacinth Sweet Pea
This is by no means a complete list. When in doubt, keep the plant away from your bird.

Household Toxic Fumes
Asbestos Hair Dye
Bleach/Chlorine Hair Spray
Carbon Monoxide House Paint
Cigarette Smoke Oven Cleaner
Diazanon Paint Remover
Flea Collars Pesticides
Flea Bombs Spot Removers
Definitely AVOID USING overheated, nonstick cookware such as teflon, silverstone or any other non stick cookware.

This is by no means a complete list. If you are unsure, READ THE LABEL. When in doubt, DON'T USE!

Safe Plants
Airplane Plants Fig Trees
Eucalyptus Trees Palms
Ferns Safe for Humans
Ficus Spider Plants
Check with your local nursery !

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