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Gouldian Genetics Forecaster
By Carlos Matos

" I have always loved birds and so I came across with Goulds and stayed in love with them, so began my adventure with a couple, then four couples and 14 couples were the maximum (which for those who live in an apartment is not affordable).

This program came from my need to forecast some results, researched information on the www, started to exchange information with people who knew and then had the idea of doing a software (with some knowledge of VB) to do the calculations automatically (because there was none).

After complete thought of making it available to other interested parties and thus began the adventure of the GGF (already passed by v1, v1.2, v1.5, v1.8, v2 and v3 now)

I hope that you will be as useful as it was for me."

Carlos Matos
Setubal, Portugal

This software was developed with the help of Ricardo Pereira, Luis Garcia and Wick Goss

E-mail Carlos at to request a FREE Serial Number.
Carlos requests you acquire a Serial Number to access the Forecaster so that he can notify you whenever a new version is available. He will not share your e mail address and no spam is ever sent.

After receiving the serial number you will also need FLASH installed on your computer to use this Gouldian Genetic Forecaster

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