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Video Links
New Research Sex Life of the Gouldian Finch
Watch the extraordinary sex life of the Gouldian Finch, where choosing the wrong mate can mean curtains for your bird's chicks.

Museums and Libraries
Australian Museum Research Library - Wonderful article on John Gould and the bird illustrators. Australian sites from the web bookmarks

Academic Avian Sites
Association of Avian Veterinarians
ABK - monthly publication on the latest avian research
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology - research, species profiles

Avian Societies and Clubs
American Federation of Aviculture - home page
National Finch and Softbill Society - NFSS home page
National Cockatiel Society - home page
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exibitors - home page
Queensland Finch Society - monthly species profiles and Australian aviary tours
Wild Gouldians - save the gouldians

Avian Information Sites
CDC - Key Facts About Avian Influenza
Wikipedia - Facts about the H5N1 virus - wonderful article on Gouldian Genetics
Bird Health - articles on avian health, nutrition and behavior.
Finch Niche - articles on all aspects of finch keeping & breeding.

Avian Suppliers
Back Yard Aviary - high quality outdoor aviaries
Horizon Shipping Containers - approved by the USPS

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