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"..who would have
thought Gouldians
could be so tame!"

By Nancy Kite

I fell in love with the bright contrasting colors of the yellow (orange)-headed, white-breasted Gouldian, and was trilled to purchase one which had been in competition at the Bird Show. I named him “Pumpkin Head,” and besides being beautiful, he surprised me with the added bonus of being both friendly and personable.

Even during quarantine, I noticed he would come to the near edge of his quarantine cage and start singing every time I came into the room. That continued after he was put into the large aviary flight. When he hears my voice, or when I am near his flight, he always comes to the nearest side and starts singing to me! I talk to him, and he just sits up straight and sings and sings!

Pumpkin Head is so tame! When I walk into the flight for maintenance, Pumpkin Head will fly to a perch just inches in front of my face and start singing. He acts pleased when I talk back to him and tell him how pretty he is and what a good singer he is.

Pumpkin Head and his mate produced and raised ten chicks this season. The only times Pumpkin Head did not sing to me was when he was sitting on the eggs. Interestingly, his sons seem to take a cue from their father and also are quite tame and friendly, often perching near me when I walk into the flight and singing to me.

But his oldest daughter, a beautiful black-headed yellow-tipped-beak hen, has won my heart with her calm friendliness. She never sings like her Dad, of course, but she always perches just inches from my face when I enter the flight. Both Pumpkin Head and his daughter love the sprays of soaked millet I bring every morning, and they eagerly wait for me to hold the millet up so they can nibble on it as I hold it in my hand.

Who would have thought that Gouldians could be so tame!

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