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by Hoops

Like the going out of the tied, so was my heart for my Gouldian Finches.
Not long after my finches set about their mating and laying of eggs, 3 days after the hatching, to my horror and dismay (Dot) my female finch dyed .Why? I know not and so I quickly turned my attention to the young, knowing not what to do I sort the advice of to whom I hoped could help.

I was assured by that all should be well providing that speck could some-how take the roll model of Father / Mother; yet the chances of this happening was quite slim.

With strange emails of questioning questions to I began to feel somewhat better as the days passed by. (Speck) my male finch began to feed the chicks as well as sit with them at night. Day after day I sat there in front of the cage out doors in the garden filling better as each day past by, knowing that speck was a one of a kind and I some how get teary eyed thinking about it. Speck is feeding and singing and doing all that one could hoped for. I keep him well supplied with a variety of foodstuffs.

At this moment his bouncing about from perch to perch feeding and feeding and feeding like it never ends, and he looks in on his chicks from time to time. Some-times he looks like his trying to coax the young out of their nest. I would say that there is only about 4 to7 days to go before its time for the young to leave the nest. The chirping from the young is so strong and loud that it makes me fill as if there are about 6 of them. I have not seen them yet as there is no way to get to the nest because of the construction of the cage.

And yes. It is a male finch.
I hope some day soon that I will see the young as anticipation builds within me.

Thank you for your help and support.


© lady gouldian 2017


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