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Just over a year ago I was at a street fair and just fell in love with two little zebra finch. I knew nothing about birds, but I thought for $6.00 I couldn't go wrong. Today I have over twenty finches - five pair of Gouldians, a pair of owls, parrot, society and my two zebras.

Our Aviary brings excitement and beauty into our back yard.

Family Enjoyment
My family and I spend a lot of time outside barbecuing, swimming and just enjoying the birds. I am a stay at home Mom and these birds give me such joy. When I am feeling a little stressed, I just go out and work in the aviaries. I have two now. One is 4' x 6' high. The other one, is a 5 1/2' x 6' hexagon. The safety door section is 3' x 6'. The Aviaries were custom painted the aviary to match my wrought iron fence.

I live in the desert where temperatures reach up to 120 degrees in the summer months. I have planted trees and vines on the west side of the aviary to protect them from the late afternoon sun. I also set up a misting system all the way around the aviary. Because our winters are so mild the only thing I do is place a heat lamp on the outside by a perch just in case anyone needs heat.

Cleaning is such a breeze; just hose it down!

Rat Attack
I have experienced several set backs. Last month I removed 10 baby Gouldians out of the aviary and placed them into a smaller cage to finish their molt and color out. During the night a rat came by and grabbed one right on his shoulder and ripped out a bunch of feathers. His wing just hung from the shoulder. I was sick. Happy to report he has made a complete recovery and I have just purchased a mate for him, from Laraine of course.

Diving Hawks
My next problem is Diving Hawks! They come by and dive into the aviaries. The good news is that they do it so often the birds don't even flinch anymore.

Escape Artists
I have a safety area into the aviary that is the greatest. I open one door and close it and then open the other. No chance of escape - except for last week, when I was in a hurry. I opened the safety door and the other door right away and, at that moment, I knew what I had done. I turned around and saw five birds fly away. You can't imagine the sick feeling I felt. Well, I tried the pool net and no luck, so I put a food and water bowl in the safety area and left the door open. Three of the five came back. So it didn't turn out so bad. I bet I will never do that again.

My aviary brings me and my family great joy. My children love to watch the parents feed the little baby finches. I am so glad I bought those first two little zebra finches and that I found Laraine to coach me along.

Denise, Bermuda Dunes, Ca.

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