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Outdoor Aviary Size:
We have 9 flights in all and a walkway. Six flights are 3 x 6 x 7, two flights are 3 x 6 x 71/2 and the remaining flight is 3 x 6 x 10.

Floor is:
Cement slab 14 x 22

Materials used:
1 square tubing steel welded together and sprayed with Krylon paint, to make the frame. 12 galvanized wire from Home Depot was used to separate each flight and to close in tops. 3/16 x 14 washers and 10/32 x screws were used to bolt all wire down. Self-watering dishes, made by Little Giant were installed in each flight. We used PVC to run water lines. The watering dishes and all the hardware are made by: Miller Manufacturing Company inc. 494 Villaume Ave S. St Paul Minnesota 55075 Phone # 612-451-1761

Ceiling is made of:
Ceiling is made of Green house glazing type material which is smoke colored and we splotched it with green paint to give more shade so it looks like the birds are sitting under trees, than we took Cool White a Paint and covered the entire roof to help keep the flight cooler, we discovered the flights need more protection In the summer weather here in Arizona where we can get as warm as 110 +.

Heating and lighting:
We use two small nightlights, which go on automatically in the evening; I have two small fans running to circulate the air in the daytime during summer months. During the winter months we use to small ceramic heaters #hs-400 from Holems in the walkway. The entire outside of the flight is closed in during the winter month with frames of wood that are covered with heavy duty plastic and some frames are of wood & Plexiglas, some of these frames stay up all year round. We had put in a sprinkling system around the entire outside for cooling during the summer days also, these are on timers so as to go on during the day hrs when temp is hottest.

Are of Plexiglas that I purchased from Bird-Zerk they can be purchased from their web site they do help keep down the waste of seed and the seed is always clean that the birds are eating.

Types of Birds:
We raise Gouldians, Owls, Blue capped Cordon Bleus and Lavenders, and have just added stars and are hoping they will breed for me also. I keep all my birds in prs and only one pr of the same kind per flight which works well for keep records on the parent of all the babies. I separate all the babies into a flight for males and one for females all are band with open bands as are their parents .

My Husband and myself built the aviary in a few months and have continued to improve upon it each year. In each flight I have put artificial Greens & artificial plants to help cover the sections between each flight and around the nest to give the birds more privacy. Have several types of nests and use coconut fiber for nesting material which all of my birds seems to prefer.

We started out with 2 male Zebras from a friend and of course Had to buy two females so they would not be lonesome and the next thing I knew I was going to bird marts and fell in love with the Gouldians and Owls and so on. The pleasure I receive from watching my birds is just wonderful and I am always amazed to see the care and love the parents give to their chicks.

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