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Foster Parent Program

Gouldian Finch
The beautiful little lady is looking for a new home! She is 3 years old and due to a birth defect she can only see out of one eye. Other wise she is in perfect health.
Adopt A Bird
Winners are

Wagoner, Ok.

Teacher Jack Lee
entered this request to
on behalf of his
23 Four Year Olds

"I am a public preschool teacher in Wagoner, OK. We are continually teaching our children about love and acceptance especially for those who are “different” than us. And that includes animals as well as people! Our class would love to provide a home for a “special” bird or birds. I have 23 four-year-old children in my class this year who have love to share. Our school currently is home to an African Grey parrot which was donated by a local pet store. She has a crooked neck due to a vitamin deficiency while in the nest but our children love her anyway and treat her like any other normal bird. Thank you for considering us as a possible home for your special bird. We will look forward to hearing from you!"

Laraine will be able to ship the little guy Free to Kathy, thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsor

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