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Foster Parent Program
We received an
Overwhelming Responce
to our
Adopt A Bird
Foster Parent Program

Gouldian Finch
This little man is 4 1/2 years old. He is full of energy in every way. He just needs a lot of TLC in his retirement years!

Blacksburg, SC.

This is the e-mail
Kathy’s children
sent to

"We are writing on behalf of our mother, Kathy, because we think she’d make the very best person to adopt a lady gouldian bird. Our mother has always had birds ever since we were small, we’ve even got pictures of us taking "baths", as babies, in the sink with her birds. Recently our 14 year old parakeet, Dickens (after Charles Dickens), died. Mom was very distraught and she is hoping to find a new bird to fill our home with a happy song again. Dickens was such a wonderful little guy and she was so sad when he died. We think any bird would be thrilled in our home because we have a big beautiful cage and a brand new enclosed sunroom where he could live and fly freely without a care in the world! Mom would just love a gorgeous new companion for her pretty new room. Please consider her, as we think she’s the best mom in the world and so would a little bird, just like Dickens did. Thank you SO much for taking the time to consider this email”.

Bonnie and Kimberly

Laraine will be able to ship the little guy Free to Kathy, thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsor

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