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Handicapped Bird
Rachel Smith

Mormon Trail School
Garden Grove, Ia.

This is the e-mail Rachel sent to lady gouldian
Some people are saying our school is "going to the birds" and then they continue to tell how wonderful it is. The past two years we have been raising finches in my special education room. It has been a fantastic learning tool for my students, the school, and the entire community. Everyone in our little town is talking about the beautiful birds and their songs. They are much more than Science, they are a life lesson. Last year, a pet store we visited had a young parakeet that had lost a leg. The owner could tell how much compassion my students had for this special bird and gave us "Captain". My students are beautiful young people who happen to have a disability. They have a unique bond with this handicapped bird. I know they would be doting foster parents. We believe the old adage, "The forest would be a quiet place if only the best singer were allowed to sing." Every person, bird, and beast has value and deserves to love and be loved. This bird would always have a very special place her at Mormon Trail school.

Prettiest Bird We Have Ever Seen!

We were so excited to be selected "Foster Parents" for one of lady gouldian finch.comís birds. It is one of the best things thatís happened this year in our class. The red factor canary is beautiful in our aviary.

Many students say she is the prettiest bird they have ever seen. We named her Clementine because of her brilliant color. We love her very much.

Thank you very much,
Mrs. Smithís students

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