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Foster Parent Program
We received an
Overwhelming Response
to our
Adopt A Bird

Foster Parent Program

It was very hard to choose just one
Foster Parent
from the

2,425 entries!
Handicapped Bird

Our first foster bird will be shipped FREE to Mary via U.S. Post Office Overnight Express Mail!



This is the e-mail that
Mary sent to
lady gouldian
In 1992, my brother sustained a closed head injury, and he has never been the same since. Before his accident he never told me he loved me, but now everytime I talk to him he tells me, “I love you”. Everything happens for a reason. Just because someone or some little critter is handicapped does not mean that they can’t give love or receive it. All of my animals are special to me and even though I am not a perfect person by any means they always love me reguardless. I have everything from gouldian finches to cats to ferrets and would not give any of them away for fear they would not be treated with the same care I give them. I would be honored to save one more live in exchange for their unconditional love.

An update from Mary
My name is Mary and I am proud to be the first recipient of the Adopt A Bird Foster Parent Program. I was so happy when I found out I had won, I just had to tell all my friends. When I told them it was handicapped they just looked at me funny as if to say” why are you so happy about a handicapped bird?” Well, let me say he is the sweetest and prettiest bird there is. His song is lovely and he is singing as I type this. Even though he has not been here a week he has brought me great joy. He arrived in great shape and adapted quickly. Thanks again for the great honor of being a Foster Parent to this great little bird.

Mary Lang

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